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Bendigo Bank

Chairman of Kwinana Community Financial Services Ltd and Kwinana Golf Club member John Iriks says that Bendigo Bank will be coming to town later this year and will have a full branch in the market place shopping centre opposite the post office. The bank will be owned by Kwinana Community Financial Services Ltd operating a franchise of Bendigo Bank.

Kwinana Community Financial Services Ltd is a public company owned by residents and supporters of the Kwinana community. There will be up to 400 shareholders who will subscribe to shares on a prospectus to be launched this month. Although the company has received support for pledges of over one million dollars it is still not too late for those with a connection to Kwinana to request shares. Shares are one dollar each with a minimum of 250 and a maximum of 10,000. Every shareholder, no matter how many shares they hold have one vote each. Contact  John Iriks on 0417904419 for more information.

Contact Name: John Iriks
Phone: 08 94191077
Mobile: 0417904419