Are you considering membership of Kwinana Golf Club? There are a number of different categories that suit individual needs. Click here to download a membership form.

Membership Type Cost
Trial Membership (3 months trial) $400.00
Seven Day (30+ years) (see below for under 30 yr rates) $1976.00
Six Day (Sun-Fri) $1854.00
Five Day (Mon-Fri) $1642.00
Country (residing outside 150km) $948.00
Work Away (work away 250km+ for 50% year) $1378.00
Men’s 9 Hole $939.00
Ladies 18 hole  $1473.00
Ladies 9 hole $724.00
Sub Junior (Under 10) $75.00
Junior (10-17 Yrs) $160.00
Junior 18 years  $300.00
Junior 19 years $439.00
Junior 20 years $579.00
Junior 21 years $719.00
Seven Day 22 years $859.00
Seven Day 23 years $998.00
Seven Day 24 years $1138.00
Seven Day 25 years $1278.00
Seven Day 26 years $1417.00
Seven Day 27 years $1557.00
Seven Days 28 years $1697.00
Seven Days 29 years $1836.00
Social / Non-playing $5.00


Click here to contact the office if you are interested in membership or have any questions that haven’t already been covered below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about membership.

Q. What will it cost me to play a round after I have become a member?

A. The cost of social rounds is covered by your membership. The only cost to the member will be comp fees for official KGC competitions.

Q. Can my guest play at a discounted rate?

A. Yes. As long as they are in your company.

Q. Does my membership get  me discount on other courses?

A. Yes. KGC has reciprocal membership arrangements with a number of clubs around the state and country. See the office for the most up to date list.

Q. Do I have to wait until the start of the year to join?

A. No. You can join at any time, the office can calculate a pro-rata rate to take you through to the start of the next year.